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Life Of A Saturn's Agent: A New Journey

Being someone to be a bit more than curious, Triel could only read up to half a page of her novel before she turned her attention to the baristas and the various beverages they were making.

One with dark green hair was making Rainbow Cloud. Different from its name, the Cloud was not of rainbow colors but of different shades of pink. The process of making it was quite complex as one has to ensure that the different shades do not intertwine and loose its perfectly alligned pink display.

Another elder barista was making Jelly Beans Don't Jump. Instead, they dance. Music has to be played when this beverage is being made or else they would jump away and you are only left with an empty glass. Triel read about it since it was only created a few months back. Not many people could make it as one has to find good jelly beans, good music, have good timing and skills.

The last barista was making Triel's freeze coffee. It's coffee served in an ice glass which will eventually melt. This is simple to make compare to the other two, thou it is tougher for the person who drinks. Some people couldn't finish the coffee before the ice melts and it would start dripping.

For Triel thou, she believes that the beverage was made perfectly. You see, being from Pluto, she naturally has a much lower body temperature as compared to the beings on Earth or Saturn.

While enticed by the scene in front of her, her phone had rang vigorously.

"Triel?" It was Taylb and he sounded like he was rushing.

"Yes. Speaking." Triel pursed her lips, wondering why would he call.

"There's a new department, the planning department. Would you be interested in a junior position?" Taylb seems to be gasping for breath, pausing the conversation.

"But I just left..." Triel trailed.

"Well, you haven't, at least officially. Your documents are all still in my hands. So, back to the topic. Interested?"

"Alright. But could I take a break, perhaps three days?" Triel still has some things on her mind and she needed time to sort them.

"Yes. The department won't be starting until next week. Considering you might feel bored or go around making troubles... I'd happily approve your break. I'll send you the related documents to what you might be doing under the new department."

After telling Triel a bit more, the call ended as Taylb had to attend a sudden meeting.


Dongjoo, what are you up to these days?

Nothing much actually.

I've just finish my things for this month. Got anything I can help?

Yeah... There is. I have a few demos here. Could you help me go through them?

Sure. Whose are these?

Mine. I'm going to use some of them for the movie.

You? You wrote them?

Yeah. I wrote them some time ago. Why? Are they good? I know I'm no song writer...

They're good alright. I'm quite surprised the actor turned director can also make songs.

I did get help of course. Anyway, your comment?

All of them are nice. In fact, do you mind if I ask one from you?

I'm good with that. But why?

This one, the "kings and queens". I have someone in mind when I hear this song. Do you know we're working on a new group? Working name is called JK. This song fits them...

Whoa... You mean you want to use my song for a debuting group? Are you sure it's okay? You're willing to take such a big risk?

This song has good beats and strong lyrics. Just with minor alterations and a little refining, I'm sure it'll work out. Please? I'll make sure to get you the copyrights.

Okay. Good luck then.

Thanks. These songs are all good. Dongjoo, have you ever thought of a singer career?

Me? Nah. I'm no good at singing.

You're natural voice is nice. And didn't you sing for that drama? What's it called... The... The Queen's Revenge!

Haven't you check? That was 8 years ago. I was still a kid.

But you sang and it was good. It's still nice even today. I just listened to it yesterday.

Yongjin, forget about that idea. I have projects already... I just started out directing.

Yeah, I know.

But if you could, I'd still like you to borrow me your voice next time.

Next time then.

This was from a few years back. I never got to put it in a proper story and here it shall stay. Perhaps, someday,

KL Trip with Coffee 5

Since it's already a year and three months ago, I'm just going to post this draft and not write a proper paragraph. Ten days in KL with Coffee. Below is basically my expenses for the remaining 6 days of the trips.

18 July 8 Chicken rice 9 Bread 20 run fee
19 July 11 Ban mian Hem's relative celebration.
20 July 16.5 Dalkomm 10.4 eggplant minced meat rice 36 Thai dinner 6.6 chocolate dessert crepe
21 July 3 Indian lunch 7.5 chatime 21.8 Kimchiharu
22 July 3.8 Indian lunch 3 ice cream 6.5 noodles 2.1 bao 100 transport
23 July 4.2 Indian lunch 2 toll fee

*sits in the detention corner because I'm a lazy kid.


"Just a little bit more." The lady holding the brush told her.

She closed her eyes since she wasn't very familiar with the pinkish powder that was brushed onto her face. It was a big day and she had to look her best. At least, that's what everyone around her told her. To her, the meaning of the ceremony was greater than anything else. She could care less of how perfect she looked.

"What time is it?" She asked another lady who was taking pictures of the decorated room. She should not be late. Keeping in check of the time was important for she would not want to be a person who lets people wait. She relaxed her lips as the lady painted the outer line.

"It's almost 9.30."

She still has half an hour before the scheduled time. Her hair was pulled up and curled, A few strands were pulled a little too hard and she winced in her mind.

"Thank you." When the lady told her the process was over. She was now dolled up and sitting as still as she could for fear of ruining anything.

"Elise?" She turned towards the voice and saw her best friend at the doorway.

"You look so pretty that I couldn't recognise you!"

"The makeup was done pretty well then. Where did you go just now?" She switched topic before she starts complaining of how horrifying makeup was. She could write a thesis on the traumatic psychology of makeup if she wanted to.

"I was helping your mom, she was making sure the place was perfect. You know, occupational hazard." Zoe laughed while admiring how beautiful her friend was. She was dolled up and that never happens. This was the time to appreciate it.

"Thank you so much." Elise smiled for her friend always understood and helped out whenever she needed it.

"Just help me look for a guy. I would thank you for it." Zoe teased. She wanted to pinch Elise's cheeks but remembered there was makeup and resisted.

"You look beautiful." Zoe couldn't help but sighed.

"Thank you. You've said that earlier."

"I know. I'm just admiring your makeuped face."

"Appreciate it as much as you can lady, this doll is as rare as the blue moon." Elise posed dramatically as Zoe started taking pictures of her.

Her phone on the dressing table buzzed and she felt a chill down her spine.

Zoe passed it to her naturally since she was closer. Thou Elise felt weak when the phone was in her hand.

"I'm sorry." The message showed on the screen even before she unlocked her phone. The sender was from the groom of the day.

"What's it about?" Zoe asked before realising something had happened.

"Looks like you'll be my honeymoon date. Interested to go on a trip to Whitehorse for a week?"

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So yeah... nothing much.